T-moon Consulting

About us

T-moon Consulting Ltd. is a company focused on development and change in HR (i.e. Human Resources, People Operations, People & Culture, People Experience), leadership and career management. We support out clients through education, trainings, assessments, mentoring, HR process setup, analysis and process improvement.

reDesign People and Culture

Regardless of whether or not you have an organized HR function, we are here to help you with design and revision of different processes that influence your culture and your employees.


We offer custom made programs and trainings to help you and your employees rediscover communication skills, personal development skills, conflict and stress management skills, change and career management skills.

Steer your leaderShip

There are a lot of leadership theories, models, trends and How-tos.  We are here to help you (re)discover and recognise your own leadership style, in line with your own personality, values and environment you live in.

eValuate potentials

You have a few shortlisted candidates for important position and you are not sure who to choose? You could use unbiased opinion in identifying the potential and areas of development for your key people? We can help you with psychological assessment and development or assessment centres.

About our name

T-moon /ti: mu:n/ is pronounced as Dalmatian word “timun” which means a helm (“the handle or wheel which controls the direction in which a ship or boat travels”). For us, it stands for a journey into unknown and also coming back home. Steering your business and career forward (sometimes backward or spinning in a circle), managing the open sea, the storms, the change, accepting the change, learning about others and yourself along the way and then coming back to your roots, which are slightly different with time passing, and you look it with different eyes, but they still feel like you.

Some of our clients